Return & Cancelation Policy

Quick Note: For any returns, exchanges, or cancellations, the easiest way is to reply directly to your order confirmation email. It helps us locate your details faster and serve you better!

Making a Return? We're Here to Help!

Hey there! We want you to absolutely love what you buy from us. So if something isn't quite right, you have a full 30 days from the moment your item arrives to decide if you'd like to send it back. Whether you're eyeing another item in our collection or just prefer a refund, we've got you covered. Every purchase from our store is eligible for a return.

Eligibility Criteria for Returns

Before you pop that package in the mail, here's a quick checklist to ensure your item is ready for its return trip:

  • Timing Matters! Ensure you're within the 30-day window from when you first got the item.
  • Pack it Up: Items should cozy back into their original packaging.
  • Lookin' Fresh: We'd love the items to be in the same condition you received them – no visible signs of wear or use, please!

Returning an item

  1. Kickstart Your Return: Kickstart Your Return by replying to the order confirmation email. Let us know your reason for the return and if you'd prefer an exchange or a refund.
  2. Hold Tight: As soon as we get your email and process the return details, we'll send a return shipping label your way.
  3. Pack It Up, Send It Off: Once your item is neatly packed, attach the shipping label we sent you to the package and send it our way.
  4. Watch for Your Refund: After we review your return, we'll set your refund in motion. Just a little heads-up: we'll be subtracting the original shipping cost from the refund. Keep in mindβ€”it usually takes 5-7 business days for those funds to appear in your account.

Exchanging an Item

  • Picking Your New Fave: If you're swapping products, pop a link to the new gem you're after in your email. We'll do our best to get it to you, but availability depends on current stock.
  • Cost of Exchange: Please note that you'll need to cover the shipment cost for the exchange. Additionally, if there's a price difference between your original item and the one you've chosen for exchange, you'll be responsible for covering the difference.
  • Send & Receive: Once we get your original item and it passes our quick check, we'll be sending your new product your way.

Canceling an Order

If you're having second thoughts, no worries! To cancel, simply hit 'reply' on your order confirmation email and let us know you'd like to cancel the order.We're here for you, no questions asked! But a quick note: if your goodies are already on their way (marked as shipped), you'll need to start the return process instead.